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Cloistered Secrets in Bärnbach

In order to get to know Bärnbach in all its variety and to experience its surroundings, we are hiking on the "Holy Mountain". There we can enjoy the peacefulness and visit the little church, where a church service takes place daily at 4pm.  Especially in the evening or at night, we enjoy an enchanting view on the Holy Mountain; this is definitely worth a visit for all romantics who enjoy special moments.

In the Lipizzanerheimat, at the foot of the Gleinalm region - the summer grazing area of the Lipizzaner - lies Bärnbach, the city of glass manufacturers and formerly of coal mining.  Coal was mined here for 200 years.  Once this was discontinued altogether, glass production continues to play an important role.  In recent years the city of glass and coal has developed into a city of art and culture.


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