Mariazell Pilgrims Way

Venture on a journey that will be tranquil but also totally unforgettable. In the footsteps of the Virgin Mary – there are a number of paths you can take to reach Mariazell, the goal of our historic pilgrimage. For example, you can start out from Croatian Maria Bistrica and go via Slovenia, ever-changing through the seasons, and cross Styria, known for its culinary highlights and the beauty of its countryside. Or leave from Lavamünd in Carinthia, through the west and south Styrian vineyards. Or from Hungary through Burgenland and via the east Styrian hills to Mariazell. The goal is always the same. Discover memorials to times long gone; pause to admire the cultural highlights awaiting you en route. On your inner journey. While your feet take you northwards in the direction of Mariazell, your mind will be open, your spirits high and you’ll leave your worries behind you on the road.

Details about the Mariazell Way

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Details about the Mariazeller Gründerweg