St. Martins Way

St. Martin was a traveller who went on pilgrimages through the whole of Europe in the fourth century. St. Martin’s Way takes you from his place of birth, Szombathely in Hungary, via Slovenia and Italy to Tours in France, where St. Martin is buried.

Martinus was born in Stein am Anger (today Szombathely) in Hungary in 316. His father was a Roman tribune and together with his mother he worshipped Roman gods, as his name indicates. Martinus means “dedicated to Mars, the god of war”. Martinus rose to prominence when at the gates of the city of Amiens he gave a beggar half of his cloak. This symbol for love of one’s neighbour is still recognized today everywhere. When Martinus died on a journey to cure souls, his body was taken by boat to Tours where his grave lies today, in his beloved diocese.


Details about the martins way