Thematic Paths



Pilgrimage places and trails have a tradition in Styria and Slovenia.  Here you will now find a selection of the most beautiful and historically prepared thematic paths, that charmingly wind through various landscapes in this region.



In the Footsteps of Peter Rosegger - The Christmas Mass Path

In his story "In der Christnacht" (On Christmas Eve) from the famous book, "Als ich noch der Waldbauernbub war" (When I was Still a Forest Lad), Peter Rosegger portrays... [more]

Stations of the Cross - Maria Schönanger

More than 200 years ago, Agnes Zechner made the decision to create a new image there where from time immemorial a simple wooden cross had stood, and to establish a wooden chapel for... [more]

Cloistered Secrets in Bärnbach

In order to get to know Bärnbach in all its variety and to experience its surroundings, we are hiking on the "Holy Mountain". There we can enjoy the peacefulness and visit the... [more]

7 Points Path

The 7 Points Path leads from the top of the pass at Niederalpl along the final kilometers for the traditional Mariazeller path of pilgrimage up to the the basilica to Mariazell, and is... [more]

On the Tracks of the Pilgrims in Raabtal

The Breitegg church of pilgrimage lies about 2km out of St Ruprecht at Kalvarienberg, which spreads out to the north of the market.  A wooden tower at the current location of the... [more]